page title icon Hint: Look at your bookshelf: What’s a Rereadable?

What’s a rereadable?

It’s a book on your bookshelf you go back to time and time again.

Introducing Mr. Bookshelf

What makes any one book rereadable could be a combination of things, or maybe just one attribute. Every two years I reread The Great Gatsby. It’s definitely the top fictional rereadable on my shelf, with maybe Walden Pond being a close second – although that is more autobiographical than a fictional account. On the non fiction side, there are too many books to count. Morton D. Winsberg’s Florida Weather ranks high on that list, as does John E. Hoffmeister’s Land from the Sea, or Thomas Lodges’ The Everglades Handbook. But no other book help me bond with Florida than John McPhee’s Oranges.

Come to think of it: I haven’t read that book in a good couple years (i.e time flies!).

Life is better when you’re rereading a book.