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Rereadables are a keystone to any bookshelf

Some books on a bookshelf come and go. Then there are the rereadables. They are the books that you go back to time and time again. Why do we love our rereadables so much? Well, sometimes its the book. Other times its your personal connection with the story or the subject. There are so many reasons a book may be rereadable.

The Rereadable Factor

What is the rereadable factor? We still don’t know. That’s why we’re studying it. It could be anywhere between 0 and 100. Or maybe its not a number at all. Like we said, stay in touch here and you’ll know when we know which we think will be soon.

The rereadable factor influences everything. – Bookshelf

That’s the thing I love about books. You never know when one will grab you and why. Maybe its a single sentence. Or maybe it’s the idea it conveys. One thing is for sure, every book on a bookshelf has a story to tell.