page title icon Another casualty of the smart phone?: Golden Age of Kiosks

Remember the old rules of hiking:

Always study the map on the kiosk before hitting the trail.

The golden age of kiosks has come and gone

Add trailhead kiosks to the long and growing list of casualties of the smartphone age. People are much more likely to rely on their GPS or smartphone than bother with the communal map under the glass, if it’s even still there at all, probably not.

The last kiosk I stopped at didn’t look like it had been maintained for years.

Topo maps were the original Google Earth

I was glad I had a topomap with me.

I even considered taping it to the kiosk before I left. On the other hand I was glad not to lose that map. Topomaps are an increasingly rare commodity in the modern age.CategoriesFeaturedRereadable