page title icon Constant bookshelving

Let’s face it, bookshelves need work.

And they don’t get better by themselves.

Usually it takes a constant gardening approach.

Let’s face it, it’s simply not possible to read every book in your bookshelf front to back on a regular interval. That doens’t mean you don’t look at them. Books and the shelving need your attention. The better you keep your bookshelf in order, the more readily it’s available for you to tap into the treasure troves that it provides.

Granted, it’s not going to be a Sunday school picnic, but it might just lead you on the greatest adventure of your life. The greatest journeys we take are within the realm of our own imaginations. Take for example John McPhee’s book Oranges. I’ve read it over front to back too many times to count, and each time I read it I feel like I’m driving shotgun with him. It’s a lesson in what it means to be an engaged and inquisitive citizen.

Thank you John McPhee. Your cultural and natural histories form the foundation of many a bookshelf. I read Annals of a Former World in college and it completely blew my mind. I’ve been a rock head (i.e. geologic enthusiast) ever since.