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Lost bookshelves

I know what you’re thinking …

your bookshelf is a figment of its previous self.

Not to worry: Bookshelve’s are made to be rebuilt.

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Talking Bookshelf

I know it may seem odd to be talking to a bookshelf. But quite frankly you’ve been ignoring me so long I finally learned to speak. Out of necessity. It was the only way to get you to look up from your phone. The good news is I feel like we’re finally having a conversation. … Read more

Third time is a charm

Final Campfire rounds out Trilogy A lot of people aspire, even start, to write a book. As for the percentage that actually complete them, let’s just say it’s probably pretty low. As for trilogies? The percentage is probably even lower than that. Well enough talking. Let’s find out what the Cowboy at the Campfire has … Read more

Ultimate Bookshelf

Putting the focus on rereadables Bookshelves may mean a lot of different things to different people. That’s because everyone has a different set of books they’ve read, reread and love. That’s why we call them rereadables. A rereadable outperforms your phone any day. Let’s face it. Phones are a complete time drain. You could be … Read more

Latest Trends in bookshelves

Rereadables are a keystone to any bookshelf Some books on a bookshelf come and go. Then there are the rereadables. They are the books that you go back to time and time again. Why do we love our rereadables so much? Well, sometimes its the book. Other times its your personal connection with the story … Read more

Adapting your bookshelf

Sometimes you need to rearrange I know what you’re thinking: Don’t touch the books in your bookshelf – they’re there for life. Well, think again. A fully functional bookshelf is one that is up-to-date on recent trends. That doesn’t mean that you throw out all your old books. A good bookshelf is some combination of … Read more

The legend lives on

Campfire Charlie’s origin What became a trilogy was originally supposed to be just one book. The title of that book was The Legend of Campfire Charlie. Why Campfire Charlie? First and foremost, the campfire and the legends we talk about around it was the overarching premise of the book. Or on of them. Sometimes a … Read more