page title icon Adapting your bookshelf

Sometimes you need to rearrange

I know what you’re thinking: Don’t touch the books in your bookshelf – they’re there for life.

Well, think again. A fully functional bookshelf is one that is up-to-date on recent trends. That doesn’t mean that you throw out all your old books. A good bookshelf is some combination of keeping all the old rereadables while also finding space for the new ones to come.

Not all books will be rereadable

Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, we cannot rely on every book we read to withstand the test of times. Quite frankly, some books just aren’t that good. Still others we just don’t connect. Sometimes it’s the books fault. Other times it yours.

Books have many pages and even fewer chapters. – Anonymous

The one thing we can say for sure is that a good bookshelf never ceases to surprise. If you don’t believe me, just go up to your bookshelf, close your eyes and pick out a book. I guarantee you’ll be surprised.