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Books that deserve a second chance, in more ways than one.

Everyone has a favorite book, or two … or ten. Actually, we think there are hundreds (even thousands) of them, and they are all worth a reread. Or in other words – rereadable.

What is a rereadable? It’s any book on your bookshelf that you go back to time and time again. Here at Rereadable.Org we explore what makes a book rereadable on our bookshelf and what books are rereadable on your list.

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A bookshelf – your bookshelf – is like a daytime campfire. It’s a place you go to reconnect with yourself, and your books. Whether its rereading a particular passage or diving in for a deeper reread, our bookshelves and rereadables deserve some TLC.

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The best thing about books – they are fun, and packed with information. But what makes a book rereadable? It’s an age old question that we aim to explore, and along the way have fun.

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